The arrival of winter brings its share of unpleasant surprises, especially if a big snowstorm comes early in the season. Furthermore, the mandatory date for installing winter tires will be moving from December 15 to December 1 starting in 2019. That’s why Solution Mazda invites you to make an appointment to have your winter tires installed as early as possible.

The differences between winter and summer tires

In Quebec, winter tires are required during the cold season and are specially adapted for our climate. In fact, the rubber used in the tread of a winter tire is softer, providing better traction, even on wet or icy pavement. The grooves are thicker and deeper to better evacuate the snow, and the tread surface (the part of the winter tire that makes contact with the road) is generally 10 percent larger than that of an all-season tire, offering improved stability and road-holding.


Choosing the right winter tires

Your tires are the only things that connect your vehicle to the road, so purchasing the wrong ones can have dire consequences. That’s why the experts in the Solution Mazda Parts Department would be more than happy to advise you as to the best winter tires for your vehicle. For example, if you travel a lot during the cold season, you might want to choose more durable winter tires to ensure that they last as long as possible. Depending on your location, you might want to ask for tires with enhanced traction. Also, depending on your budget and your needs, you might want to ask about winter tires that are designed to provide a smoother, quieter ride.


When should you put on your winter tires?

Since the rubber of a winter tire is softer and therefore wears more easily during the warm temperatures of summer, it’s recommended to wait until the cool breezes of autumn to install your winter tires. In general, a winter tire will wear normally when used at temperatures of 7 °C and lower. So it’s possible to have your winter tires installed well before the first snow. By making your installation appointment starting in October, you won’t be caught off guard, since the first storm usually comes before December. Solution Mazda also suggests scheduling your service appointment early so you can avoid the pandemonium that typically breaks out around this time of year.


Get your winter tires installed by professionals

Did you know that improper installation of your winter tires can lead to premature wear and tear, difficulty in operating your vehicle and even undesirable noise and vibrations? It’s essential to have them balanced, to clean the area between the wheel and the vehicle, to properly tighten the lug nuts and to inflate the tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Although the law doesn’t require you to have an expert install your winter tires, it’s strongly recommended that you leave this task to an experienced mechanic. Contact Solution Mazda today to make an appointment with our Service Department or to ask one of the experts in our Parts Department for tips on ordering the right winter tires for your vehicle.