Why Will SKYACTIV Technology Change Your Life?

Technologie SKYACTIV

Since its establishment in 1920, Mazda, the Japanese car manufacturer, has always succeeded in standing out thanks to its unique way of doing things. True to form, it surpasses itself again this year with a rarely seen methodology that provides many impressive advantages: SKYACTIV technology. Totally revolutionary, this brand new exclusive concept (which, among other things, reduces fuel consumption while considerably enhancing torque and safety) will literally change your life!

Torque and Energy Efficiency Enhancement

We have to be honest, the rise in the price of fuel has made our wallets suffer for the last few years. Luckily, the Mazda manufacturer has found a foolproof solution to this problem: A SKYACTIV gas engine. In fact, this advanced automotive engineering not only offers the consumer a decrease in fuel consumption and exhaust fumes, but also an impressive increase in torque. This engine offers direct injection technology with a precise 6 port system that enables it to reduce its fuel consumption to a minimum. By raising its compression ratio to 13:1 (which produces a rise of temperature and pressure in the combustion chamber) the engineers succeeded in minimizing the loss and raising the torque. Therefore, we can rightfully say that the technology of a SKYACTIV engine uses all the energy advantages of the fuel!

A Rigid and Light Conception at the Same Time

Did you know that SKYACTIV technology is not only a new engine, but also a highly improved frame and body? Well, yes! The new generation of Mazda vehicles are designed entirely with intelligent and judicious materials that are as light as they are rigid. For instance, the vehicles’ body shell is made from very high resistant steel, which improves the safety of the structure in case of a collision. In addition to using special pressing methods, the designers used aluminium in certain places. The outcome? A weight reduction of more than 43% as compared with the preceding generations.

That way, thanks to SKYACTIV technology, it can be said, without a shadow of a doubt, that Mazda vehicles are safer, more energy efficient and more powerful than ever. With this variety of changes pertaining to, among others, the engine and the body work, Mazda places itself, one more time, at the head of the pack in matters of technological advances. You would like to test its new vehicles? If that is the case, make an appointment for a free 24 hour road test at Solution Mazda!