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Ride quality and performance depend largely on your tires, and not all tires meet the Mazda standard. Every original equipment tire has been rated by Mazda as the best available tire for your specific model and driving needs. Whether you need all-season or winter tires, trust your Mazda retailer to find the right tires for you.


Inspect Your Tires monthly

Inspect Your Tires

Every month, you or your Mazda technician should inspect your tires for damage, uneven wear and tire pressure.

The benefits of tire maintenance goes beyond a smooth, drive – it will help reduce wear and tear on suspension parts and extend the life of your vehicle.

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Rotate Your Tires

Scheduling a tire rotation ensures even tread wear

and helps your tires last longer.

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Mazda Alignment Service

Alignment positions the wheels of a vehicle in correct relation to each other and to the vehicle structure. Proper wheel alignment is essential to the safe, smooth operation of a vehicle. Mazda highly recommends having your vehicle alignment checked regularly by a service technician who knows and understands your vehicle, so the job is performed quickly and correctly the first time.

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Check Your Tread Wear

The tread on your tires can tell you more than how many kilometres you’ve logged. Worn tires should be replaced when the tread-wear bar meets the tread. It’s important to have your tires inspected regularly and never drive on a damaged tire or wheel. Visit your Mazda retailer for a Vehicle Health Check inspection to check the wear of your tires for safety and to maintain the overall performance of your Mazda.

Tread Wear

Driving on bald or worn-out tires can make driving unsafe on Châteauguay roads, so it’s important to keep track of the depth of your tire treads. Taking preventative measures and learning how to monitor tire tread depth courtesy of Solution Mazda Châteauguay can help you avoid changing a flat tire.

Tires types


All Mazda vehicles are equipped with “All-Season” original equipment tires. With harder rubber compounds than performance tires, all-season tires have longer tread life and provide a quieter ride. Deeply grooved treads take rainwater away from the tire and the tread design provides low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency.


From temperatures of 7°C and below, summer and all-season tires may no longer provide optimum grip as their rubber compound can harden, essentially causing them to slide like a hockey puck on the ice. This negatively impacts braking, steering, and drive response on dry pavement, and especially on wet, icy, or snow-covered roads. By contrast, Mazda-Approved, cold weather, winter tires have been specially designed to perform in these conditions. Winter tires have better grip in cold weather. They help your vehicle perform in all types of challenging winter conditions – snow, ice, sleet, slush, wet and even cold, dry roads.

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Delaying tire service can result in damage to your tires and suspension. Let our service team at Solution Mazda Châteauguay provide the best possible service for your Mazda.

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