Environmentally-friendly diesel with the new 2019 Mazda CX-5


How do you make a diesel vehicle that’s more powerful, less energy-intensive and fully compliant with environmental regulations? Mazda has the answer and will soon be presenting it to the country in the form of the 2019 CX-5 diesel crossover.

The expected release date is sometime between now and the beginning of summer, just in time for you to enjoy a beautiful drive along the country’s scenic routes. The 2019 CX-5 diesel was recently unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, where it created a stir.

While other manufacturers had announced that they no longer wished to offer diesel, Mazda decided to take a risk. And the gamble paid off. The 2019 Mazda CX-5 diesel will be offered alongside its fraternal twin with the 2.5 L four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine.

Power and economy

According to reports, the SkyActiv engine, capable of producing nearly 170 horsepower, will be able to travel long distances on a single tank. Its fuel consumption ratings hint at a potential of 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers in city driving and a little less than 8 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway.

On top of all that, Mazda did its homework, ensuring compliance with the strictest governmental regulations. At a time when more and more motorists are going green, you’ll have no reason to turn red behind the wheel of this new model, whose price will be revealed shortly.

So you’re strongly advised to come see one of the specialists at Solution Mazda to learn more about all the advantages offered by the 2019 CX-5 diesel. You won’t be sorry you did, once you’re in the driver’s seat of this promising crossover.

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